S.J Global Trade Ltd., Part. is a fast-growing and dynamic procurement specialist of a comprehensive range of marine products to customers in the marine and offshore industry.

We were established in 2007 by starting our business with the engineering project services to industrial customers. We also supplied all machineries, engineering tools, fitting and piping, industrial valve for steam lines, pneumatic and hydraulic accessories, lubricant, measuring product for our industrial customers. Year 2008, we had set up the Offshore Department for supplying our products and services to Marine & Offshore customers.

Nowadays, we gained much more experience on our consumable supplies and services and we are being popularity among multinational operating companies in the gulf of Thailand and Myanmar. สล็อตเว็บตรง

We are distributor of Marine/Offshore Products in Thailand in various brands.


To become Thailand leading Marine/Offshore and Manufacturing supply. เว็บตรง


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